CDU according to AKK The base wants a doer.

Status: 02/11/2020 4:15 p.m..

Is the CDU threatened with the ultimate acid test after Kramp-Karrenbauer’s withdrawal? At the party base, some already have a possible successor in mind – and the CDU veterans are longing for better times.

By Christian Kretschmer, SWR.

Wind and rain whip against the economy “Zur Gemütliche Ecke” in Adenau. It’s the blueprint of a village inn: oak paneling, tiled floors, and the smell of deep fryer. Despite the persistent storm, 32 members of the CDU community association Adenau came to the meeting in the southern Eifel. You have a need to speak: hours earlier, CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced her withdrawal.

Many say it is a surprise.

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“I long for stability”

He too: Udo Stratmann. He joined the party in 1969 shortly after Helmut Kohl became Prime Minister in Rhineland-Palatinate. Stratmann goes into the session with nostalgic feelings. “I long for more stable times,” he says. The Adenauer era, Rhineland-Palatinate under the aegis of Kohl – “those were good times.”

It is a special gathering for Stratmann. He receives a certificate for his 50 years of loyalty to the party. The federal party leadership is a side note here – in the literal sense.

Stratmann’s certificate is signed with “Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, CDU Federal Chair”. Stratmann surprised her with her resignation: “I would not have thought that she was so thin-skinned and that she could be worn down so quickly,” says Stratmann. “That makes me sad.”

Udo Stratmann is honored with his certificate for 50 years of party membership. Kramp-Karrenbauer’s signature is still on the certificate. Left of him: Member of the state parliament Horst Gies, right of him Michael Korden.

Lots of candidates, one favorite.

Stratmann can well imagine Armin Laschet, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, as the new chairman. Others think of Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister for Agriculture and chairwoman of the Rhineland-Palatinate regional association. Most, however, would like to start over with a long-time resident: Friedrich Merz. “He is clearly a doer,” says one. That was missing in Thuringia, adds another.

Merz is the right person because he is not so “soft”, “he conveys a certain security”.

The qualities we are looking for are: leadership, honesty, reliability. Michael Korden, completely dressed in the party color black, seems to bring that with him to the inn “Zur Gemütliche Ecke”. Because the party members unanimously elect him again as chairman that evening. He has been running the community association for ten years.

Is that the continuity that the party leadership has been missing in the end?

Chair and candidate for chancellor.

Cord weighs down. “The federal level is the federal level,” he says, “that’s a different league”. At the top, the question of “the strong man or the strong woman” may have been unclear for too long. The new candidate must also be able to rule the country.

Chairmanship and candidate for chancellor in one hand.

In Adenau they are now hoping for elections to succeed Kramp-Karrenbauer soon. It should be a stable future for the CDU and the coalition. Is that realistic? “There used to be only three parties in parliament, so everything was easier,” says Stratmann. “But these times will probably no longer exist”.

The meeting in Adenau ended after around four hours, and outside the wind even picked up again. These are stormy times in Germany for the CDU.

Tagesschau reported on this topic on February 11, 2020 at 5:00 p.m..



The blue-blooded are still the darlings of the press all over the world, nobles are something else than “normal” celebrities. The most popular of the king’s house surely was long the British, because it was juicy scandals en mass. Today, you will be happy in London, especially about Prince William and his Kate and their babies. Sealing the British Royals from the Spanish Royal house are followed, but it is also quiet, since the elephant hunters Juan Carlos abdicated.

The Dutch with their Maxima are also not good for some articles, not to forget of Sweden Victoria, the Danish Royal family, and also the right to peaceful Belgians.

The latest News about Royals.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s secret plan revealed! So Duchess Meghan is deceiving in a big way.

After the completion of the Megxit Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want to enjoy their private happiness, but to make this dream come true, are the Duchess Meghan and her family have to rely on Tricks .

Kate Middleton + Meghan Markle Secret of young-and shock-separation shock, the Royals.

The Royals were drawn in terms of News time again. Of surprising plans for the future, secret inheritances, and ridiculous young-revelations, everything was there – see for yourself!

Meghan Markle From wedding to Megxit! So much coal Duchess Meghan verprasste .

In the British Royal house, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lived up to the Megxit in the lap of luxury. How many millions of euros, Duchess Meghan has been squandered in just under two years at court, now open a document .

Princess Diana Sad family drama broke parents of Lady Di heart.

Princess Diana’s Start in life was difficult. Even before their birth, the marriage of their parents under a bad star. After two daughters, Frances and Edward John Spencer, 8 waited. Earl Spencer, namely, eagerly waiting for an heir.

But the path was rocky.

Kate Middleton These Tricks to make Duchess Kate is a fashion icon.

Duchess Kate will be envied for your Outfits of millions of women. But the Duchess of Cambridge uses a small fashion Tricks. How Kate Middleton’s style model has, is here betrayed.

Meghan Markle Evil Premonition! HE saw the mischief at the wedding to come.

Meghan Markle is in the case of many noble fans controversial. Also, Guido Maria Kretschmer had a bad premonition, as far as the Duchess of Sussex .

Prince Harry to Megxit father dumped simply! HE is now replaced by Prince Charles.

A severe blow to Prince Charles! After his son returned with his wife, Meghan Markle the Royals on the back, he has replaced him, apparently in cold blood. In Los Angeles, Prince Harry now have found a replacement father .

Royals Dinner at the Royals : it’s Not always the children are well-behaved.

Even the Kids, the Royals are still just children: Prince William reported that the Dinner problems .

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Surprising Baby News! Archie gets a playmate.

Finally there is Baby News for all Royal Fans. Especially Prince Harry and Meghan Markle currently have all the reason to be happy. This sweet Baby News the Ex-Royals to finally Shine again!

Queen Elizabeth II, Royals -News Release-Horror! Hundreds of Palace staff have to go.

Even the Royals Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles will have to tighten in times of Corona the belts. Hundreds of Palace staff were not allowed to begin their service for the Royal Collection Trust in the first place .

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II, Royals -News Baby News! Separation! Death-Drama! Since only the Queen is laughing .

A truly dramatic week of behind-the-Royals. While Kate Middleton lived a difficult breakup, his Queen Elizabeth II’s unexpected Baby News. In Austria, Royals Fans of Princess Anna had to say good-bye.

The Royals-News of the week.

Queen Elizabeth II in the Royal News, Details about the Queen and Testament! Whom she inherited her billion-asset?

While Queen Elizabeth II is currently located in Corona, Isolation at Windsor castle, worried speculation about your will for headlines. Royal experts now first forecasts. Who will inherit Elizabeth’s of billions of assets in the event of your death?

Kate Middleton pregnant? THIS Baby plans to bring Duchess Kate to Shine.

Baby News on the British Royal Palace: After all the Worries of the last few months, Kate Middleton can Shine again. Because THIS Baby-making plans in the Royals-News Duchess Kate with a safety over the moon.

The day of the wedding, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan to celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

Wedding, Baby, travel, and the departure of the Royals. A review for the second wedding anniversary of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

Otto of Hesse is dead, dies media report: Hessen-Prince (55) in motorcycle Crash!

A media report according to the Hesse Prince Otto of Hesse is dead. The 55-Year-old should be in a motorcycle accident on the A96 in the vicinity of Lindau on lake Constance on Sunday morning, died .

Queen Elizabeth II THIS Baby News the Queen finally re-radiation.

Finally there is Baby news from the British Royal Palace. Mainly Queen Elizabeth II currently has all the reason to be happy. This sweet Baby News the Queen finally re-radiation!

Meghan Markle scandal-diary of a … The Royals only?

Shocking news for the British Royal family: A close friend of Meghan Markle that the Duchess is said to have kept a diary about her life at the Palace. The Royals now fear, the wife of Prince Harry could blab intimate secrets .

Queen Elizabeth II, crocodile, sloth and co.! THESE bizarre Pets belong to the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II loves animals. But in addition to Corgis and horses, the monarch has a long list of Pets, you even get paid. It is also bizarre to find exotic animals.

Álex Lequio is dead cancer-shock! Royal dies at only 27 years of age.

The Spanish Royal house is shocked after the death of Álex Lequio di Assaba y Garcia. The 27-year-old died of the consequences of a cancer disease, such as multiple media reports, according .

Prince Harry separated Without friends, family, Job: After the separation, he is lonely.

Prince Harry has made a big step and moved with his wife Duchess Meghan to Los Angeles. In his new home must be found for the Briton, however, yet to cope. Because after the separation he feels lost there .

Princess Anne of Austria is dead Royal death-shock! Princess dies at the age of 31.

Austria mourns the loss of Princess Anna. The popular Royal died at the age of only 31 years, of an aneurysm. Anna Singh, your real Name, leaves behind a two year old son and her husband.

Everything to the tragic Ungück in the Royal News.

Kate Middleton Coronavirus-Drama! That is why Duchess Kate needs to disconnect its children .

The Coronavirus is familiar with the British Royals no mercy. Due to the ongoing Corona ends of the pandemic must disconnect Duchess Kate their children now. A whole new experience for George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton pregnant? Insider talks about 4. Baby! A sister for Charlotte.

There is, finally, back to Baby News in the British Royal house? An Insider speaks well of Kate Middletons the fourth child and predicts a Baby Boom after the Coronavirus quarantine. Duchess Kate is already pregnant?

Princess Anne is a Unique video conference: The Royals say Thank you.

So many high-ranking Royals on a pile it is rare to see. The Queen and some of her closest family members have thanked me for the Call-in nurses and carers around the world .

Brad Pitt is a Royal? Did you know? The actor is Queen Elizabeth II related to.

Through genealogical research unexpected kinship relations, come again and again to light. So the “New England Historic Genealogical Society found out” that Brad Pitt Queen Elizabeth II is related. Also his Ex-wife Angelina Jolie has blue-blooded ancestors.

Happy Birthday, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden! Did you know about the Royal birthday boy?

13. May celebrates Prince Carl Philip of 15. Januar 2020 – Leben Hack Sweden’s birthday. That is reason enough to browse a little in the biography of the younger brother of crown Princess Victoria to bet that these facts still did not know?

Royals Queen Elizabeth II: No new Jobs at the Queen.

Setting the stop at the Royals: During the ongoing Corona-crisis, the Royal family sets for the time being, no new staff more .

Kate Middleton in the Royal News of THIS Baby News, Duchess Kate to Shine.

Finally there is Baby news from the British Royal Palace. Especially Duchess Catherine of Cambridge has reason to be happy. THIS sugar-sweet Baby-News you can now rays!

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and co. Baby News! As soon the Royals were young.

Nothing noble fans enjoy more than the birth of a Royal baby. However, while some of the Plantagenets to the wedding time to be parents, can’t go fast enough .

Young in Luxembourg – Royals, Royals in the baby luck! Erbgroßherzogin Stéphanie brings son to the world.

The Luxembourg Royals have reason to Cheer: Erbgroßherzogin Stéphanie and hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg have become parents. The Name and the gender of your baby has betrayed the Palace already .

Duchess Kate, Meghan Markle and co. Sex orgies, jealous dramas, Star-airs – Royals except edge and Band.

It could be a quiet week for the Royals, but once again, scandalous blow over rippled from the palaces of the rows. Of Sex orgies on Diva airs and graces to jealous it was all dramas in.

Princess Diana Royale psychic for sure! Lady Di wants to redeem Prince Harry of Meghan .

“We have to save Prince Harry!” This is the message that should have Princess Diana, a psychic from Beyond the grave delivered. In a letter to Prince William, the psychic Simone Simmons is now asking for the help of Prince William. It is supposed to protect Harry from making a big mistake .

Queen Elizabeth II shock for Royal Fans! Returns the Queen never again ?

Hard times in the British Royal house: Because of the Coronavirus pandemic will have to Queen Elizabeth II, apparently, for months from the Public to withdraw. A Royal expert, even believing that you’ll never return .

Kate Middleton is desperate Royales jealousy drama! Mini-Princess makes for Zoff.

At first glance, Princess looks to Charlotte as a little angel that butter wouldn’t melt. However, the daughter of Duchess Kate Middleton has apparently fist-thick behind the ears and picked a solid to a jealousy drama .

Kate Middleton scandal of Duchess Kate! IT organizes spicy Sex parties.

In the case of this friend, the swing is right in there. According to a media report, a friend of Duchess Kate should regularly organize Sex orgies for celebrities. Due to the Corona-crisis, it should be fun even online .

Queen Margrethe of Denmark dementia-Drama! THEREFORE, HIS death was a relief.

50 years of Queen were married Margrethe of Denmark and Prince consort Hendrik. Now the Queen speaks for the first Time over the last few years with her husband, and why his death was finally a relief .

Princess Sofia of Sweden, Finally! In THIS Triumph she had to wait a long time .

Long you had to wait, but for now, Princess Sofia of Sweden has clinched a late Triumph. The influential magazine “Vogue” has honored the wife of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in a special way for their commitment .

King Constantine II of Greece at last! Long-awaited signs of life after a stroke-rumors.

How is the former king Constantine of Greece? This is a question many of his country people for years. Now there is a sign of life of the Ex-monarch for hope .

Prince Andrew in the terminal debt-Drama! Queen-son has (yet again) in Trouble.

For Prince Andrew’s currently anything other than round: it is Not enough that the son of Queen Elizabeth II, is embroiled in a juicy Sex scandal, and now the life of the Duke of York is also an unpaid bill amounting to millions of hard.

Queen Elizabeth II, the end of the 2. World war! Can’t forget the Queen .

Exactly 75 years ago (08.05.1945) ended the Second world war. Queen Elizabeth II, now 94 years old, witnessed the last days of the war, up close and incognito, as personal memories of the Queen in Instagram show.

Meghan Markle, the Queen and co. Royals -Butler is talking about plain text! THIS Horror is not expected.

For employees with Meghan Markle of the Queen and co. confidentiality and discretion is actually considered as the Supreme duty. Ex-Butler Grant Harrold rose to the occasion, however, her mane and chatted about his Royal employer.

Meghan Markle revealed Secret plans! The Duchess makes HER competition?

The rumors of the kitchen and Meghan Markle seething. Allegedly, the wife of Prince Harry wants to leave an old passion flare up again and a Hollywood-Lady competition. What about the rumours?

Meghan Markle Diva Alert! THE could stand the Duchess never .

Meghan Markle was rumored as the Duchess of Sussex, a number of Diva-attitude. However, the wife of Prince Harry is said to have been before her marriage a true bitch. The revealed at least a former companion.

Queen change is triumphant Testament to Kate Middleton! HERE Meghan Markle is empty .

Kate Middleton can look forward to: Like an Insider revealed to a US magazine, has changed to Queen Elizabeth II in her will for the benefit of Duchess Kate. The wife of Prince William can look forward to a stately heritage. Meghan Markle has the Look.

Princess Anne of England have a criminal Record! THESE Royals have had Trouble with the law.

For Prince Andrew, it will be tight. The alleged abuse victim Virginia Roberts is now demanding that he goes to jail. The Queen’s son would not be the first Royal who had Trouble with the law.

Some nobles are even convicted.

Meghan Markle’s New Video! So Baby, Archie looks like a birthday child .

Of Duchess Meghans son Archie, each track was missing for months – just in time for the first anniversary of the Peck is now surfaced a Video that the offspring of Meghan Markle with a picture-book shows.

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry’s Secret plans revealed! SO unroyal Archie’s future .

The first birthday of Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor is not so, as his mother, Meghan Markle had planned. The Duchess of Sussex seems to know exactly how your son’s future should look like .

Princess Victoria of Sweden horrified Royals Fans rage against an addition to the family.

Crown Princess Victoria is actually the favorite in the Swedish Royal house. But now, the successor to the throne must unexpectedly criticized. The reason is the cute new addition to the family is, of all things, .

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor Missed the birthday! Where is Meghans and Harry’s son?

“Baby Sussex”, such as Archie Harrison will be called Mountbatten Windsor also celebrates its first birthday – far away from the British Royal house in the United States. As the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look now like?

Archduchess Mathilde of Austria, Deadly vices! Royal (18) died while Smoking .

Your truck Archduchess Mathilde of Austria, was fatal. As the only 18-year-old fiancée of Prince Umberto of Savoy, contracted secretly for a cigarette, there was a fatal accident.

Coronavirus The note currently in the reader the phone: should Allergy and Asthma patients now.

Coronavirus, The Allergy and Asthma should patients note currently in the reader phone now .

Patients with allergies and Asthma are just confused now: Is the risk of developing a disease, the Coronavirus, for asthmatics and Allergy sufferers higher? And how to recognize the symptoms right? The answers delivered by experts in the readers phone.

For pollen Allergy sufferers and people with allergic Asthma, respiratory symptoms are part of your disease. However, the Corona-pandemic makes for great uncertainty, if symptoms such as cough, hoarseness, runny nose or shortness of breath. Immediately the thought is in the room, it can be possibly symptoms of a Corona virus infection. However, complaints can safely be classified?

An increased risk for an infection or a severe course of the disease is? And what people with a pollen Allergy or allergic Asthma should pay attention to now, in particular? Experts delivered to the readers in the phone of the German Allergy and Asthmabunds (DAAB) can provide the answers.

Allergy, allergic Asthma, or Corona? Reader questions, expert answers.

The most important tips for you to follow, here in the Overview.The interested parties questions the caller on reader phone four experts answered. Besides, Prof. Dr. med.

Randolf Brehler, his character booth, specialist for dermatology, Allergology, phlebology and environmental medicine and a senior physician at the clinic for skin diseases, Allergology, occupational dermatology and environmental medicine at the University hospital of Münster, Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Hamelmann, specialist for pediatric and adolescent medicine, children pulmonology, Allergology and infectious diseases and chief physician of the clinic for paediatric and youth medicine at the Evangelical hospital in Bethel, Vice-President of the German society for Allergology and clinical immunology (DGAKI) and the President of the German Asthma Net (GAN) e. V. in Bielefeld speech and answer. The team of experts was supplemented by Prof.

Dr. med. Ludger Klimek, specialist in otorhinolaryngology, Allergology, environmental medicine and naturopathic medicine as well as Director of the center for rhinology and Allergology in Wiesbaden, Germany, and President of the medical Association of German allergists in Wiesbaden. In addition, Dipl answered.-Biologist Anja schwalfen mountain that is as a research assistant in the DAAB consulting team on the topic of Asthma, the German Allergy and asthma Association e. V. in Mönchengladbach, call questions to the readers in the phone.

Can I detect whether my symptoms are caused by Allergy or by a Corona-infection ?

Prof. Dr. med. Ludger Klimek : Apparently it is, even for “experienced” inhalation Allergy is difficult to distinguish well-known symptoms such as dry cough, shortness of breath, sneeze and runny nose from which a COVID-19 infection.

Although different inflammatory respiratory diseases such as allergies and viral infections can cause similar complaints, yet there are reliable distinguishing characteristics that can be evaluated by the stakeholders themselves: During infection with the SARS CoV-2 Virus are characterized in most cases by a fever and dry cough, the Allergy-free no fever, but often itchy eyes and nasal mucous membranes, watery eyes, sneeze, and runny nose. The differences and similarities of respiratory allergies and various virus diseases, we have compiled an Overview .

I have allergic Asthma are at increased risk for a severe course in the case of a COVID-19 infection?

Prof. Dr. med. Ludger Klimek : so Far, we can say that patients with chronic respiratory diseases as a risk patient for COVID-19. In the case of Asthma, we recognize more and more that a well-treated and well-controlled Asthma is not an increased risk.

This is because the Coronavirus Sars-CoV affects 2 human cells by using a Receptor that is involved in the regulation of blood pressure, the Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Through this portal of Entry into the cells of Sars-CoV-2 infiltrates its genetic material and uses the cell metabolism to virus production. According to the results of two studies well-treated Asthma have CoV patients less of this ACE2-receptors-and, therefore, less points of attack for Sars-2.

The medication I take for my allergies and my Asthma have made an impact on my immune system?

Prof. Dr. med. Ludger Klimek : For common nasal and Asthma Sprays this is not the case definitely. On the contrary, they seem to have a certain protective function, even though – or precisely because – they contain cortisone.

Otherwise it could look with cortisone in tablet or injection form. Here is a immunosuppressive agents could be the end effect in case of prolonged use. But also here applies, that a single cortisone tablet affects the immune system significantly .

How can I tell if my Asthma is well set ?

Anja schwalfen mountain By themselves look critically at how well your symptoms are under control: adults, patients should not have had in the previous four weeks more frequently than twice per week during the day, respiratory problems such as cough, wheezing or chest tightness. You should also not be awakened at night by Asthma symptoms. The need for a spray for the extension of the bronchi in respiratory distress should not be used too frequently, and the activity of the patients should not be limited by the Asthma. Also, only one of these points is not met, it is recommended that a medical consultation in order to clarify whether the treatment can be optimized .

There is a kind of self-control for my Asthma?

Anja schwalfen mountain : The control of symptoms is part of the, what we call self – management-a key part of the asthma therapy. For this purpose, the regular measure of the respiratory power is one strength in liters of air per Minute with a so-called Peak Flow Meter. Through regular measurement of deterioration can be by means of a traffic light system to be detected at an early stage.

First of all, so the range of 80 to 100 percent of the personal best value is determined over a few weeks, the “green phase”. This is the Yellow-then – and red phases, in which, for example, the medication adjusted or other measures taken will have to be .

Special protective measures for asthmatic children, because they bear a higher risk for Contracting the disease?

Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Hamelmann : The risk of infection is independent of Asthma for all children and young people of the same size.

Except for patients who have an immune defect. The risk for a more severe course of a CoVid-19-disease patients, have a poorly adjusted, uncontrolled Asthma or a congenital lung disease such as Cystic fibrosis suffer. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the anti-inflammatory duration of therapy or the setting with biologics in Severe Asthma is to continue; also, a allergen-specific immunotherapy should be continued, in order to keep the symptoms as low as possible.

The good symptom control is the best protection against a complicated history after a Corona-infection.

My daughter, twelve years old, has allergic Asthma. Should you go to classes, when the school re-opens ?

Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Hamelmann : children and young people suffer from a Corona-infections are significantly less than adults, particularly older people.

Many children and young people have an infection without noticing it or have you only developed minor symptoms in the sense of a small cold disease. As risk factors for a severe course, congenital and severe acquired lung apply diseases. In the case of a well-defined bronchial Asthma with good symptom control, the normal school attendance and other normal activities in daily life are to be regarded as unproblematic .

My eight-year-old son has been suffering for three years under a grass pollen Allergy. I would like to start with him a desensitization. When would be the right time?

Prof. Dr. med. Eckard Hamelmann : In the case of an already over such a long time lasting grass pollen Allergy, a specific is indicated for immune therapy certainly, not least, in order to prevent the development of bronchial Asthma.

A sublingual immunotherapy, for example, tablets, can, in principle, be at any time started. Different the subcutaneous immune therapy will be administered in the syringe: you should only start after the current grass season, in order to keep the pollen exposure, and the discomfort associated with it as low as possible .

Can I perform a Allergy test, or the impact on my immune system too much?

Prof. Dr. med. Randolf Brehler : In principle, an Allergy test can also be carried out now.

The allergen amounts are so small that a load on the immune system is not to be expected. However, it is recommended that currently, only Tests that are for medical reasons is really necessary. This applies, for example, food allergies, Medication allergies and insect bite reactions.

Testing may be indicated under certain circumstances in patients with Asthma and rhinoconjunctivitis, if the question is whether specific allergens must be avoided. Not urgently necessary, testing should be postponed due to the pandemic .

I wear as neurodermatitis patients are at a higher risk to infect me with Sars-Cov-2 to ?

Prof. Dr. med. Randolf Brehler : in General, people with eczema are in compliance with the recommended hygiene measures no higher risk to come in contact with the Virus and to infect. What relates to the history after a contagion, are Overweight, Diabetes and high blood pressure as well as lung diseases, especially COPD, risk factors for a severe course of the disease. Diseases and drugs that suppress the immune system for viral diseases of importance, since the immune system of virus can 10 Gründe, Zu Haben Mindestens Einen Älteren Freund Im Leben – Leben Hack less to fend off good.

Patients with atopic dermatitis, it is recommended that all the therapies will continue. A neurodermatitis patients should suffer under a system therapy Covid-19, must be interdisciplinary to be decided, as the therapy is continued .

Can trigger a pollen Allergy is also a hives or their symptoms increase?

Prof. Dr. med. Randolf Brehler : hives, the term urticaria, is only due to the rare so-called immediate-type allergies.

However, some patients of urticaria to report a time of pollen flight. Skin contact with higher allergen amounts that are in the air, it can probably also lead to wheal formation. Much more often, other causes such as food intolerances, chronic infections and, occasionally, other underlying diseases are. Mostly, however, it is not the cause for chronic spontaneous urticaria, they must be sufficiently treated .

What is the possibility I have a pollen Allergy, in addition to drugs yet, my complaints to relieve?

Anja schwalfen mountain : The less pollen contact, the less allergic complaints – but it is difficult for the Pollen in everyday life to avoid. Additional measures, such as the evening Washing the hair or the daily application of a so-called nasal douche can reduce the pollen load, however. The use of a nose with isotonic salt solution, the nasal mucosa is shower skin also moisturizes and nasal mucus.